The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals book photos

Photos can sometimes make the story better. We want to share some moments to complete the book experience and help you follow the locals better. You can find all the photos complementing this book below.



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The magic of traveling is hidden in the rhythm of thousands of beating drums and myriads of beating hearts


Kyoto, Japan

Follow the locals and get on the bullet train straight to the heart of the rising sun


North Island, New Zealand

Follow the locals and preserve Mother Nature and her precious creations


San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Follow the locals to find out whether you’re looking for yourself in the desert or you’re overcoming the desert in you


Patagonia, Argentina

Follow the locals off the beaten track and get ready for new adventures on the thin ice


Kassandra, Chalkidiki, Greece

The magic of traveling lies in the stolen moments between silent waves and loud friends


Mwechema, Kenya

Follow the locals and live ‘Hakuna matata’ – do your best, and everything will be alright


The Golden Triangle, India

The magic of traveling is to strengthen your character and build endurance far from the comfort of home


Colca Canyon, Peru

Follow the locals and relax, because you’ll always be in good hands


Kintamani and Legian, Bali

The magic of traveling is in leaving a piece of your soul wherever you go


Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Follow the locals and focus on happiness anywhere, anytime


Shangri-la, China

Follow the locals and be yourself in the land of millions, look for a soulmate on a planet of billions


Brussels, Belgium

The magic of traveling will remind you of the ingredients of a childhood full of joy and curiosity


Palmar, Mauritius

The magic of traveling is to walk in the locals’ shoes and wear their smiles on your face


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