Places to visit in Munnar, Kerala for two days

Munnar means the place where three rivers meet – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. A town and a hill station in the Western Ghats mountain range, Munnar is most well-known for the green gorgeous tea plantations, which shine from photos as … Read More

Hotel review: Wine & Spa Complex Starosel

We headed to the Starosel hotel because we had heard plenty of positive feedback about the complex and its winery. But it was kind of close to impossible to get a room for the weekend in summer. We got lucky … Read More

The best things to do in Fort Kochi, Kerala

Ten years ago, we were walking on a bustling street in Fort Kochi, having hard times keeping our sight on one thing for more than a second. It was an overwhelming experience made of bright colors of spices, hundreds of … Read More

Responsible Tourism in Kumarakom, Kerala

Kerala is receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly and while being called God’s Own Country, some of us may start to wonder how it manages to remain such a divine experience for travelers. One of the answers is through … Read More

Hotel review: Aveda Kumarakom, Kerala, India

The well-known backwaters of Kerala have attracted millions of visitors and there’s a good reason for that. Peacefulness, dreamy views, possibilities for responsible tourism, and the perfect setting for a honeymoon are only some of the reasons travelers are attracted … Read More

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka? Our trip in April 2022

We started to get worried at the beginning of April when we read all those articles about violent protests in Sri Lanka. Our beloved “western” media reported disorder, violence, lines in front of gas stations, and power outages. We almost … Read More

Mallorca – our magical 3-day road trip itinerary

We’ve been wanting to share our itinerary in Mallorca from our long weekend trip at the beginning of March. We have a passion for traveling during the low tourist season which allows us to capture magical moments and the most … Read More

Apulia magical places and moments

Puglia is so full of magic that it keeps attracting us to its fairytale land. It’s really hard to do it justice, so we decided to put together our most magical moments from two of our visits in the time … Read More

Welcome to Finland – things to do in Helsinki in winter

It just so happened that we visited Finland for the first time in winter. The land where Santa Claus works from home welcomed us with chilly and short days, fierce wind, plenty of Christmas lights, and a good mood! Here … Read More

What to expect when you go skiing in Babin Zub?

We talk passionately about skiing and snowboarding in Babin Zub, just as probably anyone would talk about a favorite Balkan winter resort of theirs. Since the borders are relatively easy to cross this season, many people ask us what to … Read More

Hotel review: Spa Hotel Belchin Garden

We were finally got the chance to stay at Spa Hotel Belchin Garden after visiting the outdoor pool and garden many times during summertime. We wanted to do a spa day somewhere near Sofia, staying for a night with some … Read More

2021 travel and blogging review

It’s that time of the year again when we love recapping the last year and reviewing all the things that happened to us travel- and blog-wise. 2021 was an amazing gift, full of opportunities, as we believe we should see … Read More

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