Bali – a long walk in Sanur

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It was high time that we do laundry! So our day started with two bags of dirty clothes 👚 👚 👚 and the first building that said “Laundry”. After hard but successful negotiations we agreed that we would pick up two bags of clean laundry the next day in exchange for 10 BGN or 5 EUR. We headed to Sanur, the famous settlement along the coastline with well-known beaches. Then again we were stopped by traffic patrols. This time it was а June 1st campaign so they had to stop every motorbike to make sure it is safe on the roads. No funny conversation this time but we were again photographed to keep the stats in order. We were not allowed to the same, again 🙂 👮🏾👮🚔🚨

The beach promenade of Sanur is a long paved alley good for walks and biking. We were naive to leave the motorbike at one of the ends so we had to walk the whole promenade of 8 km twice. Still we were hardened to like a place for hanging near the beach. All the hotels and villas were max two-storeyed and therefore keeping the Balinese charm. So the signs for evacuation in case of tsunami advised that you go to any of the higher hotels in away from the beach. Being popular is not a good thing sometimes – we noticed a lot of garbage in some spots. But the shallow waters reveal those magnificent reefs with seaweed, and quays housing yoga and relax huts.


It became clear that weren’t going to swim that day. So we bargained for two sunbeds and an umbrella neat the supermarket. 🙂

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After a few beers and naps we visited a nice bar-restaurant with live music by a guitarist and a violinist. Relax is never enough! The perfect dinner consisted of stand-up-corn-eating.  We had to go to bed early because at exactly 3 a.m. we were supposed to be picked up for a tour to North Bali. But nothing can stop a backgammon tournament!


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