Traveling is the best birthday present

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Usually, I receive a lot of great presents for my birthday. I rarely brag about them. I like keeping them to myself. However, there is one that I really want to share with everybody and this is the perfect place to do that.

And yet it’s about trips. Surprises for a special occasion or just spending your birthday somewhere on the road…🎂🎂🎂



The travel polygon

I received this polygon journey itinerary:


Considering the weather it would look like this:

From the windy Brussels, through the warm Tenerife, to the surprising Milan.
Considering the languages: from Flemish and French, through Spanish, to Italian.

What is the conclusion?

If you are a good girl, you will drink beer in Brussels, you will sunbath on the Canary Islands and you will shop in Milan.

Sunset at Tenerife, Canary islands


To Russia with love… and dance

It was a very cool surprise – to travel to Moscow to watch a very high-class dancesport competition. Nace has been able to get a visa for me without me having even the tiniest clue about this. Well, in some cases you will not want someone to get your travel documents without your knowledge, but that’s another topic.

The cold winter wind in Moscow did not stop us from sightseeing the city, nor did we enjoy a very strong competition in dance sport in  under the magnificent music of a whole orchestra.

Moscow, Russia, Red Square, St. Basil cathedral Moscow, Russia, dance competition Moscow, Russia, restaurant, museum Moscow, Russia, Kremlin Moscow, Russia, metro

Oversleeping and a sudden change in plan

After we finally got to Iceland with a good combination of flights, we decided to jump for a few days to Madeira on our way back to Sofia. To warm up, enjoy the nature and maybe even bathe in the ocean. Well, yes, but no. We overslept and missed the flights from Reykjavik to Madeira.

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Booking new flights at the last minute would not be very healthy, so we returned to Bulgaria earlier. We headed to a thematic hotel in Lukovit and the sun helped us to enjoy and celebrate properly. The wine also helped us.

Iceland, road trip, places to visit, guide, Seljalandsfoss, waterfall, forest

Drinking wine in Diplomat Plaza, Lukovit


A birthday in India

Traveling teaches you how much you actually have and how awesome your life is. We take many things for granted. For example, the opportunity to drink something alcoholic on our birthdays. We are now moving to Jaipur, India. We arrive in the evening, exactly on the day of Nace’s birthday. Happiness hits the ceiling as we had just visited Taj Mahal!

The hotel (as well as many other places in India) does not offer any alcoholic beverages. And Nace wants to treat me and Marti. We hear that there was a bar on the street in a tall building. We go out of the hotel and on the street we come across the following view: dusty void, the tumbleweed of plants and trash rolling, a few stray dogs walking, not friendly at all.

At this point, we decide that a birthday is celebrated wonderfully over a cup of lassi. And it is true, no matter what you are going to drink, it’s the good company and being in one of the most interesting and contrasting countries in the world – India, that matters! Cheers!

Birthday in Jaipur, India

Birthday in Jaipur, India

A birthday in Senegal

After learning the lesson from India’s birthday, Mari brought a bottle of red wine to Senegal. With it and a few beers, we celebrated Nace’s birthday and the beginning of our adventure in Senegal.

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In the courtyard of our hotel in Dakar, there was no problem of drinking alcohol, whether bought from there or brought from Bulgaria. During the rest of the time, we focused on beer and tasty Senegalese peanuts. This combination can hardly be surpassed… 🥜🥜🥜

Travel to Senegal - Pink lake (Lac Rose), rally Dakar finish, off-road, Goree island, Dakar at night

Сенегал, Дакар, Каса Мара, Газела

Senegal, Lompoul, desert, sand, dunes, tents, camels, music

A birthday in Paris

One of our very first travel surprises was on Nace’s birthday. Under the skies of Paris is a place with the potential to be the perfect place to celebrate a birthday. First, you do not need a reservation, just one bench. Second – you can buy French specialties – cheese and wine from the store.

If the weather is also on your side and it is not raining – the birthday is just skyrocketing! And when you think about it – the occasion may be anything but a birthday. The streets of Paris are a good place to immerse in the atmosphere and rediscover romance.

Wine and cheese tasting under the skies of Paris, France



A birthday in the Dominican Republic

When your birthday is in the late winter, you often dream to celebrate it somewhat warmly. Or somewhere warm. Why not in the Dominican?

The vibes include bright sun and azure seas, sweet cocktails with exotic names, the smell of rum and sunsets, and the passionate rhythms on the beach. Do not forget that you can drop off your phone all day, because who is crazy to receive birthday wishes at these roaming rates?



Do you have suggestions for travel birthday surprises? Where did you celebrate your most memorable birthday? Let us know! 🎁🎁🎁


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