Book review: To Magic Places

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To Magic Places by Boris Kanev and Marta Martinez Samalea


As people devoted to search for the magic of traveling everywhere and any time it is totally understandable why it didn’t take us long before we bought the Roving Snails book To Magic Places. The slowly traveling couple who crossed Asia twice with a charming cat as a travel companion has finally put together some of their stories on the road.

To magic places book cover

While they warn you all the stories are completely real, unreal and surreal, one can expect the unexpected. After the first few chapters it becomes clear that the magic is as real as the unbelievable landscapes they run into. It turns out that magical people you can meet even in the most distant jungle of India. And whatever happens teaches you a lesson – the same way the young yak in Tibet had to learn his lessons.

Boris and Marta, the authors of the book, turn out to be able to enchant the reader with every detail of the views that surrounded them. The couple reveals the thin delicate line between the normal and the extraordinary with their stories and anecdotes. They overcome every obstacle on the way together with their cat Burma as if they had already known that everything will be OK at the end. And if that is not an inspiration for all of the readers to travel and explore…

Then in their search for the magic even the giants from Kyrgyzstan won’t help them!

Camel illustration To magic places book

We are really looking forward to reading the Bulgarian version!

Let the journey take you to  Bali – the North

May the magic be with you, Marta, Boris and Burma – wanderers of Asia! 🐱   🏔  👍🏽

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