The moon

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Dreams are a big deal. Especially when you decide to follow your dreams. Long time ago we were staring at the moon and wondering what it would be like to be there. We became focused and dedicated to this dream to travel to the moon so we eventually did it. We reached the moon!
traveling to the moon

What is there, on the moon’s surface? We discovered plenty of interesting stuff, like for example you can walk on the moon without having to wear a special space suit. Someone already invented normal breathing conditions over there. Some other scientists planted other forms of life, like the one below:

traveling to the moon

Another thing you can do on the moon is to walk around and enjoy the desert landscape and the various local plants. Be careful! The rocks could be slippery!

traveling to the moon
traveling to the moon
Selfies don’t work on the moon…

Being on the moon is a feeling worth experiencing. It inspires your wanderlust and puts other more distant destination to your travel list. Who knows, Mars is not that far away… just put some flight deal alerts to there! 🙂 As soon as we get there, we’ll write a post about it for sure! You can expect that on the next April, 1 🙂

We hope we brought smiles to your faces on April Fools’ Day and wish you happy, healthy and long travels!

Disclaimer: The place from the post exists on planet Earth and it’s called Tenerife. It is sunny and waiting for your (space) shuttle to land there!

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