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Can you put some travel memories in a box? Can you indulge your senses with emotional and practical things from journeys to different corners of the world?

Let’s find out together! The Magic of Traveling is proud to present the Journey Box. We will fill it up for you to enjoy it and travel with us through its content!

The first boxes will reflect our travels during the months of April to June of year 2016. In that period of time we would have visited Spain, the Baltic countries, the Rosé Festival in Kazanlak, and a secret destination in Bulgaria (even we are not sure about it yet).

I want a Journey box

What would a journey box contain? Here are some sample content of the box:

  • the spaniards’ favourite lucky charm
  • a story-telling fridge magnet
  • а small jar of Luthuanian beach sand
  • a bottle of our new favourite wine
  • written practical advice about visiting exciting places or meeting inspiring people – it could be business cards, maps and directions to hidden gems or contacts of amazing people
  • the aroma of just gathered Bulgarian roses
  • the thing people of the North use to cheat their stomachs
  • hand-mand memories from locals with big hearts and artistic talents
  • a personalized letter telling you the story of how we found the things from the box, why we chose them and how they can change the traveler’s life

The Journey boxes April- June 2016 will be send out to your address in Bulgaria in the second half of June. We can prepare 10 boxes (traveling light, remember?) and personalize them for you or for your dearest friends. The price of a Journey box is 39 BGN.

Let the journey take you to  Traveling is the best birthday present

Get some of the magic of traveling with the first edition of the Journey box! Make yourself a present and enjoy memories of known and unknown places and inspiring locals!

I want a Journey box


Let’s share memories and make travel plans together! You can use the following channels to get in touch with us and talk about the box or anything else – message us on facebook, instagram, or in the comments below.

May the Magic be with you!

Peruvian boy playing with pigeons
Kids edition also available 🙂

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