Chile – The Atacama Desert, part two

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If you have already acquainted yourself with the places from the first part of the Atacama Desert story, then the next great destination are the geysers El Tatio. The geysers El Tatio are a true test for one’s stamina. The … Read More

Chile – The Atacama Desert, part one

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We aim to preserve the air of mystery around the deserts so we’ll refrain from citing facts from the Internet about the Atacama Desert. What we will do is we’ll share with you the ways to see and experience the … Read More

Chile – Valparaiso in a day

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Fresh oceanic breeze stokes the fire, making it hot enough for the pieces of corn thrown in to cook. Delicious food with well-deserved glass or two of the Chilean Carménère on the terrace of our hostel. The hostel is on … Read More

Barcelona – we are back

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A few-hour-stay was our second try to have a great time in Barcelona. On our first visit we had such a great time so when we heard that we are coming here again as a part of our cruise, we … Read More

Morocco – Let’s hop on over to Rabat and Casablanca

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I doubt the first thing you associate Morocco with is people exercising in the early morning. Alright, to be honest, the first things to really make an impression on us were the warm smell, the sea and the traffic jams … Read More

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