Peru – Arequipa

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We were in luck. That was what we were thinking on the way back from the airport, after an employee at the Lima airport saved us several hundred dollars out of the goodness of their heart. Having landed at midday, … Read More

Canary Islands – Tenerife

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What do you need to spend a few days in Tenerife? Rent a car, invite some good company, and get ready for many underwater, water, beach, mountain, and desert experiences! Meet the friendly locals and their delicious cuisine and relaxed … Read More

Java Island – Yogyakarta and Around

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The story about Krakatau’s eruption in the proximity of Java Island had impressed me when I was young. So as we were only an hour away (by plane) from Java’s center, it would have been a sin not to visit … Read More

Bali on a Bike

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Besides being very positive and smiling, some people on Bali also have entrepreneurial spirit. Yesterday, as we were lying on the beach, one of the hotel managers passed by. We got to chatting and he offered us a great bike … Read More

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