London zoner – things to do in the city and further afield

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Did you know that London is the most populous city in the U.K.? Did you know Greater London is the administrative region to set boundaries for London? It has 33 districts including the City of London. Did you know London Tube covers … Read More

China – Kunming

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Time to go south. The province of Yunnan offers plenty for travelers. Kunming it its capital, a city far less populous than Beijing or Shanghai – it has only about six million inhabitants. The immediate comparison between the three is … Read More

China – Dali

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A little shudder, then nothing. A second one, stronger – then nothing again. Yes, it is indeed spring, but this is not an earthquake. This is the sleeping car of the train from Kunming to Dali and its very smooth … Read More

Monza – Formula 1

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To the fans of Formula 1 you do not need to explain why it is an unforgettable experience to watch the race live. For those of you, who are not raised with Formula 1, don’t know about the latest engine … Read More

Tokyo – Tottering Farewells

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Goodbye Nikko and hello Tokyo!   Nikko’s temples open early in the morning and this time we were free to conquer them. Lack of heavy backpacks and no night coming also helped us. After the morning gymnastics of climbing over 500 … Read More

Japan – the sun of Fuji and the temples of Nikko

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You are so lucky! Those words were resonating in our heads since Kenya when our safari guide was so excited we managed to see the Big Five in just one day. This morning just outside our window we saw Mount Fuji! It … Read More

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