Things to do and see in Southern Italy – a guide to Apulia

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After so many visits to Northern Italy, it was high time to take a look at Southern Italy. We’ve heard from our Italian friends that both parts of the country were totally different. This may not be a surprise since … Read More

Christmas vibes in Ireland

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Being in Ireland was a long-time dream for us. But exploring the country during Christmas season was an adventure. Before sharing all the findings and breathtaking views and experiences with you, we will try to bring you the Irish Christmas … Read More

China – Dali

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A little shudder, then nothing. A second one, stronger – then nothing again. Yes, it is indeed spring, but this is not an earthquake. This is the sleeping car of the train from Kunming to Dali and its very smooth … Read More

Spain – Barcelona – Part 1

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I have always loved the simple things. Even if they are not unique by their own they still might create amazing experiences. Barcelona’s atmosphere is unique. But what makes it this way? Why do so many people visit it? What … Read More

Bali – Ubud’s Charm

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The mysterious jungles of Ubud greeted us with a hearty breakfast buffet. Alright, it was the hotel where we stayed at after arriving from Amed. A hotel in the Ubud jungles – classy. If you turn away from the plate, … Read More

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