July Morning in Bulgaria – top spots to celebrate the fest

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July Morning (Джулая in Bulgarian) is one of the few things that happen in Bulgaria only. If you’re lucky and you really want it – you will be able to experience it. Some say that July Morning is a hippie fest, others … Read More

Senegal – explore the streets of Dakar

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  The beginning of an adventure The hackathon for improving the tax administration in Senegal is over. We leave “the prison” of our five-star hotel in Dakar. Time to see real life on the streets of the capital. The first … Read More

Christmas vibes in Ireland

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Being in Ireland was a long-time dream for us. But exploring the country during Christmas season was an adventure. Before sharing all the findings and breathtaking views and experiences with you, we will try to bring you the Irish Christmas … Read More

Christmas and New Year’s traditions and customs around the world

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We live in such a multicultural world that it is impossible not to notice how diverse traditions and customs different parts of the world have. Winter holiday season is the best time to cherish traditions and meet with the family. … Read More

Following medieval vibes in Sighisoara

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Romania. Transylvania. The medieval town of Sighișoara.   The Clock Tower welcomes the visitors of the Old Town of Sighisoara. Then you are handed over to the alluring pubs, the humble churches, and the tiny cobblestone streets.       … Read More

Follow the Japanese, wear a Kimono

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In the room for socializing of Ryokan Kato, Yoshino we did a kimono photoshoot thanks to our lovely hosts. They have an impressive collection of kimonos and accessories and are enthusiastic about spreading Japanese culture and smiles! 👘👘👘           … Read More

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