Peru –The Route of the Sun

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The road from Puno to Cusco is a true feast for the eyes and the soul. It is a 2-hour drive by bus and the locals call it The Route of The Sun. Traveling by a tourist bus is a … Read More

Peru – Lake Titicaca

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We are standing on the shore of the highest situated lake in the world – Titicaca (3812 m). We are not here only to boast about our accomplishments, but also to visit the locals, who live on floating islands on … Read More

Peru – the Colca Canyon and Valley

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In the little town of Yanque we were met yet again with calmness and relaxation. We were presented with the opportunity to enjoy life as it comes and in the same time take a break from our busy itinerary in … Read More

Peru – everything in spades in Lima

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The most interesting places in the world impress us with the sheer number of things they offer to be seen, heard, touched, smelled and tasted…Some places have more of this or more of that, but we are swept away when … Read More

São Paulo

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Hello, hello! Whenever you get the urge to phone somebody, you don’t have to look far- the colorful phone booths on the streets of São Paulo quickly catch the eye. We cannot guarantee that they work, but they can offer … Read More

Java Island – Yogyakarta and Around

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The story about Krakatau’s eruption in the proximity of Java Island had impressed me when I was young. So as we were only an hour away (by plane) from Java’s center, it would have been a sin not to visit … Read More

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