Dupnitsa – the town of unanswered questions

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  We have visited Dupnitsa many times. We always considered it a small, really clean place (it is known as the town of pharmacy after all, I guess the cleanness is by default) and that’s all there is to know about … Read More

China – Lijiang

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Lijiang us one of the few authentic Chinese villages that formed a whole new modern town around themselves. This is the place where 300 Naxi families and their picturesque house blossom together with a city of 1 million population. The … Read More

Iguazu Falls

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“This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my life” was a sentence we heard from many different people we met in Brazil on our way here, to the Iguazu Falls. They are situated on the Iguazu River on … Read More

Brazil – Paraty

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The first part of Rio passed smoothly. Our journey to Paraty is not exactly as smooth. Firstly, we had to gather people from the hotels for about 2 hours. Secondly, Rio managed to confuse the sense of direction of a … Read More

Rio de Janeiro – places to sunbathe

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One of the many things you can experience in Rio is the beaches and the colorful life which surrounds them. At first glance the big beaches are not attractive at all because they are surrounded by many misconceptions and you … Read More

Peru – Machu Picchu

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The hidden city, built in the golden age of the Inca Empire. Hidden, because it remained vacant and overgrown with plants during the Spanish conquest, which allowed it to be preserved. Today we know it as one of the wonders … Read More

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