Are you ready for Camino de Santiago?

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Many people think of the legendary Camino de Santiago as a concept, an idea, that is too far away from their lifes and capabilities. It is a test for the body, that they do not think they can manage to … Read More

Senegal – the full of contrasts Saint Louis

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  We haven’t finished with the Lompoul desert romance yet Bedouins wake up and climb barefoot to the “breakfast diner” (last night it was the dinner hall and all the time it’s a tent). After a hearty breakfast (sorry, camels) … Read More

Book Tour overview – “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals” in Bulgaria

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We decided to put together all the invitations for book parties we organized during the first months of our book. “The magic of traveling: Follow the locals” toured around Bulgaria to tell stories, meet new friends and bring some light … Read More

Argentina – Mendoza – the wineries speak

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Some feelings, like the love of wine, are experienced unconditionally. For this feeling you are ready to do anything – to fan its fire in difficult times, to resist it when you have no other choice, but most of all, … Read More

Rio de Janeiro – Jesus and the Rain

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After we got severely sunburned by roaming the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, we decided to spend the next (and last, according to the forecast) sunny day by going to Сristo Redentor and Pão de Azucar, and do something else … Read More

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