Tips for first-time flyers

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We know it’s hard to trust advice for the first time flying from someone who was on more than 160 flights. But trust us – there’s nothing to worry about the airport security check line, nothing to be frustrated with … Read More

How can we travel more?

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For a really long time, I have wondered how to answer the question “How can we travel more?” in an article. It is easier when you are talking face-to-face with someone. Then you can ask them exactly what is stopping … Read More

Paradise in the Dominican Republic – relaxation in Sosua

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  We are about 10 000 meters above the West part of the Atlantic Ocean and we are heads home at top speed. However, we are still wondering what home actually is? 🏡   Is it the place where a … Read More

Georgia – interesting places along the way

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After the unexpected welcome on the roads of Georgia and the heat of the capital Tbilisi it is time to give our undivided attention to several interesting places in the countryside of Georgia. They deserve some of our time.   … Read More

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