China – Dali

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A little shudder, then nothing. A second one, stronger – then nothing again. Yes, it is indeed spring, but this is not an earthquake. This is the sleeping car of the train from Kunming to Dali and its very smooth … Read More

Japan – the sun of Fuji and the temples of Nikko

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You are so lucky! Those words were resonating in our heads since Kenya when our safari guide was so excited we managed to see the Big Five in just one day. This morning just outside our window we saw Mount Fuji! It … Read More

Japan – the Spirituality of Koyasan

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Inspired by our potential visit to Japan, we decided to learn more about the country, even if through fiction. We learned about the Koya Mountain and the town of Koyasan from some heavy books packed with illustrations. The town was … Read More

Bali – the End of the Story

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Every good thing comes to an end. And our journey was nearing completion. But we did not give up that easily. Instead of sleeping late and preparing mentally and physically for the long journey back to Bulgaria, we organized a … Read More

Bali – South

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We reached the point where we had the time to spend a whole day in the southern part of Bali or more specifically – Bukit Peninsula. It is said that this part of the island is domineered by gigantic hotels, … Read More

Java Island – Yogyakarta and Around

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The story about Krakatau’s eruption in the proximity of Java Island had impressed me when I was young. So as we were only an hour away (by plane) from Java’s center, it would have been a sin not to visit … Read More

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