Apollonia Festival of Arts and Sozopol – the perfect combo

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We all know that the combination of favorite things and the opportunity to do different things we love at the same time bring us the greatest pleasure. Combining a few passions is a rare occurrence because it requires too many … Read More

Seaside in Greece: the unhidden secrets of Athos peninsula

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There is a place we visit so many times, and we rarely write about it. Is it because we take it as a break (even from the blog 😉), or is it because we thought there was not much to say about … Read More

16 favorite spa places in Bulgaria

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  Spa and relax in Bulgaria – an experience not to be missed   No matter that we are big fans of the active life, activities and dancing, that we don’t enjoy staying home in front of the TV, that … Read More

How to experience Lefkada from every side

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This article was written by our guest author Stephania Tapela. After she gave us a full report about the Bulgarian seaside from the summer of 2016, we took her to Greece, more specifically the island of Lefkada, so she could … Read More

Explore the best Chalkidiki beaches

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Choose a beach from the Chalkidiki gallery and let’s jump in the water or lie in the sun or have a frappe together! Sithonia, Cassandra, and Athos welcome you to their best beaches! γειά σου! Photos of our favorite Chalkidiki beaches … Read More

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