20 fun stories and conclusions from 5 years of traveling

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We often say traveling is a learning experience. As we started to travel a lot about 5 years ago, would this mean we have learned a lot? We decided to put together fun stories from 5 years of traveling and … Read More

Book Tour overview – “The Magic of Traveling: Follow the Locals” in Bulgaria

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We decided to put together all the invitations for book parties we organized during the first months of our book. “The magic of traveling: Follow the locals” toured around Bulgaria to tell stories, meet new friends and bring some light … Read More

Bolivia – La Paz and something more

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Salar de Uyuni was the perfect start of our visit to Bolivia. While nature left us with our jaws hanging, covered in salt and in possession of thousands of photos, the people were not that welcoming. There must always be … Read More

Cyprus – Lapta

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We decided today we wanted to relax. On our way to the resort town Lapta we wanted to take a look at the castle, the old harbor and whatever interesting we can find in Kyrenea (Girne). It was so hot … Read More

Georgia – the country of unexpected beauty

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It was about time we set foot in a small country somewhere on the border between Europe and Asia. A little country, which lies on the other side of the Black Sea. A piece of land famous for the beauty … Read More

Ukraine – Kiev

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Upon arrival Kiev welcomed us with a museum of airplanes. While our plane was moving towards the terminal we passed many preserved old airplanes. We didn’t have our cameras because of the security measures, so you’d have to take our … Read More

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