How to enjoy China

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China will remain to me a place shrouded in illusions, stereotypes and smog. The stereotypes about a country of such size and great population must contain a grain of truth, even if it’s true only about a small sample of … Read More

China – Jade Dragon Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Jade Dragon Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge are not just the boisterous names of natural landmarks tucked away somewhere deep in Yunnan territory. These are places to which you must be taken, because you just plain won’t find them on … Read More

China – Shangri-La

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Shangri-La. This isn’t the Chinese version of the Tibetan icon, this is the Chinese equivalent of that particular strain of Buddhism, nature, and temperament of the people that live only a 24-hour drive with a 4×4 vehicle away from the … Read More

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