The guide to Central America for the independent traveler

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A new journey was coming. We wanted to spend at least two months exploring a different region of our beloved planet Earth. The idea of traveling to Central America started to crawl in our minds, uncertain and vague. We left … Read More

Planning a trip to Senegal

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How do we choose our next destinations? Sometimes they choose us. This is exactly what happened with Senegal. The westernmost country in Africa chose us. After a two-day hackathon event about tax administration of Senegal, we were planning to stay a … Read More

Planning a journey to the opposite side of the globe

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New Zealand is a country that takes the top spot in a lot of bucket lists and dream destinations. How could it not? With its Maori culture, unique flora and fauna, incredible mountain experiences and magnificent views, hobbit stories and much … Read More

The beginning of a grand journey

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We decided to head for South America and explore it for about 60 days. Such a trip needs a corresponding preparation. Here is what our sofa looked like before we left.   Finally all of it plus some extras turned … Read More

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