Nazca – Huacachina – Lima – an adventurous journey

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The turbulence in our stomachs, caused by the aerial view of the Nazca Lines, is slowly fading. We even treated ourselves to tasty pancakes for lunch. Now, along with all our stuff, we are waiting at the station for the … Read More

Peru – turbulence around Nazca

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Sometimes the last days of a journey pass in quiet melancholy, boredom or a light depression, provoked by the impending return home. At the end of our trip to South America just the opposite happened – we weren’t melancholic or … Read More

Peru – Maras and Moray

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No matter how much we enjoyed Peru the end of our visit was in sight. We decided to spend leisurely the day before the last so we had the time to walk around Cuzco and see two famous landmarks near … Read More

Peru – Machu Picchu

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The hidden city, built in the golden age of the Inca Empire. Hidden, because it remained vacant and overgrown with plants during the Spanish conquest, which allowed it to be preserved. Today we know it as one of the wonders … Read More

Peru –The Route of the Sun

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The road from Puno to Cusco is a true feast for the eyes and the soul. It is a 2-hour drive by bus and the locals call it The Route of The Sun. Traveling by a tourist bus is a … Read More

Peru – Lake Titicaca

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We are standing on the shore of the highest situated lake in the world – Titicaca (3812 m). We are not here only to boast about our accomplishments, but also to visit the locals, who live on floating islands on … Read More

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