Guatemala highlands – a journey of highlights and lowlights

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Our journey in Guatemala got so colorful and controversial that we had to spill it in two articles! Check out how we started the journey of highlights and lowlights in part one of this story! So here it is, the last … Read More

Guatemala – a journey of highlights and lowlights

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In this series of posts, we share the highlights of our visits to the countries in the Central America Grande journey. It’s hard to put everything that impressed you about a country in a single post, but we’d love to … Read More

China – Longji Terraced Fields

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The terrace fields called Longsheng Rice Terraces are at a two-hour picturesque drive through the mountains from Guilin. They cover an area of about 66 square kilometers, so unfortunately we cannot really say which terraces we visited. Still, despite the … Read More

China – Lijiang

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Lijiang us one of the few authentic Chinese villages that formed a whole new modern town around themselves. This is the place where 300 Naxi families and their picturesque house blossom together with a city of 1 million population. The … Read More

Beijing – size matters

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“We should go, this elevator is full…” Guess again, it can accommodate at least ten more people. “We just have to cross this junction to get to you…” Sure, but to cross you have to walk at least 500 meters … Read More

Cyprus – welcome to the skirts of the mountain

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We have to say that Cyprus is a country full of nice and smiling people. So far we have spent 2 days here and everywhere we go we see friendly faces. We can feel the calmness from the moment we … Read More

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