Costa Rica highlights – Pura Vida or Cara Vida?

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If there would be one country that knows how to brand and market itself, that is Costa Rica! Everyone we know has heard of Costa Rica, of its unbelievable nature and green everywhere, the idyllic spots and the ecological everything. … Read More

London zoner – things to do in the city and further afield

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Did you know that London is the most populous city in the U.K.? Did you know Greater London is the administrative region to set boundaries for London? It has 33 districts including the City of London. Did you know London Tube covers … Read More

Having fun at Rila Park any time of the year

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“The race will begin any time now. Get ready. Read your first clues and good luck!” Those were the words that marked the beginning of one incredibly fun treasure hunt in Rila Park, near Dupnitsa. This park is brand new. … Read More

China – Jade Dragon Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge

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Jade Dragon Mountain and Tiger Leaping Gorge are not just the boisterous names of natural landmarks tucked away somewhere deep in Yunnan territory. These are places to which you must be taken, because you just plain won’t find them on … Read More

Beijing – size matters

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“We should go, this elevator is full…” Guess again, it can accommodate at least ten more people. “We just have to cross this junction to get to you…” Sure, but to cross you have to walk at least 500 meters … Read More

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