Things to do and see in Southern Italy – a guide to Apulia

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After so many visits to Northern Italy, it was high time to take a look at Southern Italy. We’ve heard from our Italian friends that both parts of the country were totally different. This may not be a surprise since … Read More

Switzerland – Geneva and around on the cheap

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Switzerland’s beauty is indisputable, as well as the research papers state the country is one of the best to live in Everything comes with a price. So how do the ordinary tourists manage to survive in Switzerland without going bankrupt? … Read More

Shanghai, China – history today

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Shanghai can be interpreted in many ways. It could be that old-fashioned city from all those action movies, in which killer ladies fling themselves about in front of humble pagodas; or it could be a bundle of skyscrapers, cutting into … Read More

Peru – Maras and Moray

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No matter how much we enjoyed Peru the end of our visit was in sight. We decided to spend leisurely the day before the last so we had the time to walk around Cuzco and see two famous landmarks near … Read More

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