Under the skies of Paris

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Paris has many names – City of Light, City of Love and many more. They are all well-deserved.   Once we felt its magic in the winter of 2011. However, recently we had a chance to visit it in the … Read More

Venice – Murano – Burano – Verona

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The rain kept falling all day long. However, I started to write this late in the night. Why didn’t I use my old childhood pen and notepad during the day to write something down? Let’s call it atmosphere or charm, … Read More

Bali – to the Heart of the Island – from Amed to Ubud

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The morning was filled with laziness – from lying on the balcony in front of the house to just general relaxation. We hardly managed to pack the bags and go. It was time to leave Amed and move to Ubud. … Read More

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