A guide to Livigno – eat, ski and have fun in the Italian Alps

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You’ve probably seen Livigno in many “top affordable places to ski in Europe” lists. The name of this town in Northern Italy is well-known for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The Italian Alps are there to feed every adventurer’s fantasy with … Read More

Things to do and see in Southern Italy – a guide to Apulia

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After so many visits to Northern Italy, it was high time to take a look at Southern Italy. We’ve heard from our Italian friends that both parts of the country were totally different. This may not be a surprise since … Read More

Monza – Formula 1

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To the fans of Formula 1 you do not need to explain why it is an unforgettable experience to watch the race live. For those of you, who are not raised with Formula 1, don’t know about the latest engine … Read More

Lake Como – the hidden treasure of Lombardy

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While the weather was against us, our luck was with us! Why? We had the opportunity to see Lake Como and all the nice forests and cottages on its shores and the lovely towns of Como and Bellagio for just … Read More

Italy – Bergamo

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Sometimes the most obvious choice is also the best one! Let’s take, for example, Bergamo. We have neglected it two times when we were in Italy before. We thought that Milan is way more interesting to explore or just that … Read More

Italy – Genoa

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Walking on the narrow caruggi of Genoa can be challenging Especially if you see in front of you some motorbikes or cars full of people trying to get to their homes. It is not better on one-way streets either. But … Read More

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