Which country should be the lucky number 60 in our list of visited destinations?

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One of the hardest questions while traveling sometimes is “Where should I go next?”. We are struggling to decide not only where we should go next, but also which country should be number 60 in our list.   Prelude Less … Read More

A road trip to Skoda factory

with 8 Comments

Some road trips we make to get familiar with a region (e.g. South Ireland) or a country (New Zealand), or a bunch of countries (Balkans, Baltic countries). Some road trips we make just to drive and get lost in a … Read More

How to experience and photograph the Northern Lights in Iceland

with 18 Comments

Experiencing the Northern Lights was a lifelong dream for us. We researched when and where we can see them, and then finally managed to combine this with a trip to Iceland (this was our third serious attempt to visit the … Read More

Stockholm’s subway stations – photo journey

with 12 Comments

Most of Stockholm’s subway stations (a.k.a. Tunnelbana) have unique design. Some are inspired by video games, some by nature, some by history and some are the result of pure imagination. During our visit to Sweden in 2017 we managed to … Read More

The most romantic off-the-beaten-path destinations in Europe

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We stand 100% behind the statement that true romance can be found anywhere as people carry it inside themselves. While some places can encourage romance, some other places can be an obstacle. We have visited many of those considered most … Read More

How can we travel more?

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For a really long time, I have wondered how to answer the question “How can we travel more?” in an article. It is easier when you are talking face-to-face with someone. Then you can ask them exactly what is stopping … Read More

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