Seaside in Greece: the unhidden secrets of Athos peninsula

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There is a place we visit so many times, and we rarely write about it. Is it because we take it as a break (even from the blog 😉), or is it because we thought there was not much to say about … Read More

Еxperiencing Lefkada, Greece from every side

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This article was written by our guest author Stephania Tapela. After she gave us a full report about the Bulgarian seaside from the summer of 2016, we took her to Greece, more specifically the island of Lefkada, so she could … Read More

Greece – Santorini

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  A year ago was our first attempt to visit Santorini. It ended up being a complete failure mainly because we had the wrong idea. Our biggest mistake was to get involved with a tourist company just because we were … Read More

Cruise through the pearls of Aegean Sea

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Ever since I was a little boy I really enjoyed imagining what it would be like to be at one place one day, then at another in the next day, and then at a third… Every day finding out new … Read More

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