Staying safe in the dangerous city Rio de Janeiro

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How come Rio de Janeiro turned out not to be so dangerous? A summary of the most widespread precautions from a practical point of view. We speak from personal experience, we are not translating articles or sharing the thoughts of … Read More

Rio – like ordinary locals

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Today in Rio we felt like ordinary Cariocas. Or like true Cariocas. Or we saw from the most dismal to the most beautiful. We were people of contrasts. Now we can track the buses with but a glance and know … Read More

Rio de Janeiro – behind and above the stage

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Rio is a big and beautiful city. There is no argument on the matter, but behind its beauty there always can be seen some hills with colorful houses. These are the places inhabited by people with no means to afford … Read More

Rio de Janeiro – Jesus and the Rain

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After we got severely sunburned by roaming the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, we decided to spend the next (and last, according to the forecast) sunny day by going to Сristo Redentor and Pão de Azucar, and do something else … Read More

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