The best romantic places to go for your honeymoon

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Even though we would have really loved to, we haven’t been on a honeymoon 10 times. We did it just once. However, we have visited some places that are just perfect to celebrate love and marriage! 🍯🐝🌙🌝 Those places will … Read More

Dominican Republic – Puerto Plata

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Taking into account the knowledge we gathered during the previous days we couldn’t force ourselves to pay 35-50 dollars for a city tour of Puerto Plata. Our self-organized stroll passed normally, pleasantly and without a hitch. We went to the … Read More

Dominican Republic – paradise

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The small hidden places nobody knows about. The hidden places you hear about only when you are 100-200 km away from them. Then you understand they are more than just a local attraction. You understand that the brightest memory of … Read More

Dominican Republic – truck safari to the Damajagua Waterfalls

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The Damajaguas Waterfalls seem familiar from the Latin American part of the show Аmazing Race. We weren’t expecting to see them live so soon, but apparently we were lucky. Today is going to be full of places, people, emotions and … Read More

Dominican Republic – riding an ATV

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  After arriving in Sosua (Sosúa), let’s make an interview while our ATV adventures are still fresh in our minds. An ATV, or a quad bike, will take you through any terrain. But only if you know how to control … Read More

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