The day trip challenge – will Kostenets accept it?

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It is that time of the year again – when we are headed to explore lesser known places in Bulgaria to a) prove they have nothing special to offer to travelers and tourists; b) prove the above wrong (which we … Read More

Apollonia Festival of Arts and Sozopol – the perfect combo

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We all know that the combination of favorite things and the opportunity to do different things we love at the same time bring us the greatest pleasure. Combining a few passions is a rare occurrence because it requires too many … Read More

Ireland road trip itinerary – the ultimate guide to exploring the land of leprechauns

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Ireland is a place just like you imagined in your dreams – endless green fields, dramatic ocean landscapes, majestic castles, and hidden leprechauns to guide you through narrow roads and misty valleys.   As ambassadors for the Magic of Traveling, … Read More

Istanbul – the road to Bali

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The road to Bali was long – both distance- and timewise. It is not that easy to reach the other end of the world. Fortunately, Istanbul stands very close, and it offers multitudes of opportunities for flights to almost anywhere. … Read More

Planning a journey to the opposite side of the globe

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New Zealand is a country that takes the top spot in a lot of bucket lists and dream destinations. How could it not? With its Maori culture, unique flora and fauna, incredible mountain experiences and magnificent views, hobbit stories and much … Read More

Nicosia – a city of two countries

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We are going to Nicosia (a.k.a. Lefkosia or Lefkosa in Turkish). Yes, this is the capital, and yes, it is between two countries. How do past and future meet in it? It is built like a circle with 11 fortress … Read More

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