A quick guide to Thessaloniki, Greece

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No man will be without a homeland, as long as Thessaloniki exists! I don’t know if that would prove true or not for a person left without a home, but one thing we are sure of – Thessaloniki would welcome … Read More

A Guide to Sofia by Locals

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Why visit Sofia, Bulgaria? There could be a million reasons why you happened to arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria. Maybe you’re avid for Eastern European experiences traveler, maybe you’re here for a meeting or conference or exhibition, or maybe your friends … Read More

Should I bother to visit Doha, Qatar?

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We’ve been visiting the Hamad International Airport in Qatar, Doha so many times during our transits and layovers. We even started wondering if we should dare to leave the extremely expensive duty free shops, the super chill lounges and the … Read More

Following medieval vibes in Sighisoara

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Romania. Transylvania. The medieval town of Sighișoara.   The Clock Tower welcomes the visitors of the Old Town of Sighisoara. Then you are handed over to the alluring pubs, the humble churches, and the tiny cobblestone streets.       … Read More

5 of our favorite travel movies

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We have a confession to make – we are movieholics! We find films and series very nice things to do when you are at home or when you travel, for some relaxing time. So we want to present you 5 … Read More

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