Highlights from our visit to Belize

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In this series of posts we share the highlights of our visits to the countries in the Central America Grande journey. It’s hard to put everything that impressed you about a country in a single post, but we’d love to … Read More

July Morning in Bulgaria – top spots to celebrate the fest

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July Morning (Джулая in Bulgarian) is one of the few things that happen in Bulgaria only. If you’re lucky and you really want it – you will be able to experience it. Some say that July Morning is a hippie fest, others … Read More

The secrets of Matka Canyon in Macedonia

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Not too far from the capital of Macedonia – Skopje, is located the Matka Canyon. It is a place that attracts locals and their guests, but is still unknown to random travelers. Is this a well-kept secret of Macedonia? Or … Read More

China – Guilin

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Guilin, a city in the province of Guangxi, set a climate of 25 degrees and high humidity. This helped our pains, especially compared to the cold in Shangri-La. It was, in fact, so humid that the Karst growths seemed veiled … Read More

Spain – walking through Nerja and Málaga

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Costa del Sol, a.k.a. the Coast of the Sun, is proud to brag with its 325 sunny days in the year! We visited it in one of those (what are the chances, right?). Only about 2 and a half hours … Read More

Georgia – interesting places along the way

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After the unexpected welcome on the roads of Georgia and the heat of the capital Tbilisi it is time to give our undivided attention to several interesting places in the countryside of Georgia. They deserve some of our time.   … Read More

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