11 ways London might surprise you as a first-time visitor

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  Affordable airfare, New Year’s holidays, cosmopolitan atmosphere…Where are? Right, this is London, the capital of England! And some things that surprised us…   Mind the gap! And the construction works… The London tube might be a point of interest itself … Read More

Chile – the many faces of Santiago

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The bus as a mode of transportation has many advantages. Lest it seem we complain too much, we are going to tell you about the 8-hour journey from Mendoza to Santiago that took us straight through the mountain. Selfie in … Read More

Uruguay – Colonia del Sacramento

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We couldn’t even remember when we first heard about Colonia del Sacramento or Uruguay in general. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is when your host asks you and all you can do is scratch your head? We saw it … Read More

Rio de Janeiro – alternatives in the heat

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No matter how much we dream of an endless summer, the heat is heat and at one moment it becomes unbearable. Even though it is late spring in Rio, after a week there and sleeping with the ventilator turned on … Read More

Paradise in the Dominican Republic – relaxation in Sosua

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  We are about 10 000 meters above the West part of the Atlantic Ocean and we are heads home at top speed. However, we are still wondering what home actually is? 🏡   Is it the place where a … Read More

Belguim – Antwerp

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I decided to write about Antwerp from the sunny 14th deck of the Poesia Cruise ship. I don’t know if it is the sun that is too much, or I just felt like writing poetry… but Antwerp it is. We … Read More

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