The perfect road trip in New Zealand

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Our words are not enough to describe the beauty and the power of the nature in New Zealand. So we filmed moments of our road trip and want to share this with you! Driving is on the left side of … Read More

Mauritius – the inner paradise list

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The Paradise (a.k.a. Mauritius) offers something really special to its admirers – the inner part of the island is also rich with history, national parks and sights to blow your mind. So we must recommend spending some time away from the … Read More

China – Li River cruise

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Here we are in the area of karst topography. The province is Guangxi, we start from the city of Guilin and we were taken by bus to Zhujiang Wharf. This port was our starting  point for the Lijiang river cruise to Yangshuo. … Read More


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Green sugarcane fields fill your sight. Round or square old sugar factory chimneys and small dirt roads leading to them remind some people were here long time ago. We are not in the 14th century and this is not a virgin … Read More

Captured in Salar de Uyuni

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It’s 04:40 in the morning, we are surrounded by impenetrable darkness, the cars are loaded and they pass through the water of the salt flat. It is still raining.   We have no idea how our drivers know our position … Read More

Argentina – Mendoza – the wineries speak

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Some feelings, like the love of wine, are experienced unconditionally. For this feeling you are ready to do anything – to fan its fire in difficult times, to resist it when you have no other choice, but most of all, … Read More

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