Let’s sail in Amed, Bali

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When you live at the ocean coast you have to be able to sail. Let’s see how locals do it in Amed. Is the ocean capable of feeding everyone? Let’s get on board one of the most used boats – the jukung.

We enjoyed the views towards the coast of Bali, jumped together with our jukung over the naughty waves. Our captain, using a motorcycle helmet, enlightened us how to catch fish. We used a cord with many baits wrapped around the reel. After unwrapping and a decent amount of waiting you can see the first fish who took the bait. 7 pieces of fish, to be precise. 🙂 We decided to donate our catch to the boys from the village – after all rise is not enough for proper nutrition!
The people from Bali eat rise mainly. Maybe meat on holidays and ceremonies. Fruit is everywhere and it’s cheap. By default the daily meal set includes 3 cups of rise per person. Maybe that’s why Balinese people are small. However, their hearts are huge.

In order for us to keep our bigger sizes we enjoyed hefty dinner including the local specialty Penyusuan babi (Suckling pig). Let the photos do the talking 🙂


The sun is going down, a jukung is happy.
Fed by the nature, every child is sappy.

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