Speed romance in Jimbaran, Bali

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Beach walks in the dark are romantic. But they also require you to be alert. We realized that yesterday when we had to speed-cross the whole beach of Jumbaran to get to our motorbike. But it all started with a day full of freshness, new impressions and experiences. That’s like pretty much every day in Bali.


Jimbaran is located on the south part of the island, that’s why we had to cross the stuck area around the airport, also the narrowest one. So if you are coming from north to south the only option is the way to the airport which is busy with lots of roundabouts and traffic jams, and dynamics.

Nace is already a scooter-pro! He does it like locals and succeeds through any traffic jam!


First thing we did when we arrived was to enjoy the beach, the breakfast, the bargain for a massage from a cool Balinese grandma. It took 80,000 rupiah (9-10 USD) for 2 massages and then, relaxed and happy, we were ready to kill our thirst with a beer and swim in the calm seas.

You might have noticed that mention BEER a lot, it was one of the most expensive things to buy though. The positive side is that a big beer is actually 620 ml, and you get it for around 5 BGN or 2.5 EUR. But that night on Jumbaran was all about sea food delights served on a table on the sand with a view towards the sunset. And it was all accompanied by a music band performing international music while engaging us in their show. 

Another gem was trying to escape the high tide on our way back to the scooter. We were stepping in the dark not knowing what fauna might come out. Тhe only ray of light was the fishermen’ flashlights. The more we hurried, the more the waters were trying to rise and capture us! 🙂

Let the journey take you to  India - Delhi

We noticed people taking unwanted baths in the first rows of tables of some restaurants. High tide refreshment or lost romance? You decide 🙂

After our little beach marathon, we continued with more adventures and beauties from Bali…


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