Rejuvenate with Beach Holidays in Bali

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You’re lying on a golden beach, under the sun, with an exotic beverage in your hand. The cool sea breeze is blowing about. The only thoughts you can think of are of relaxation. You wish this vacation would never end. This is Bali for you. Leave your troubles behind, and learn to just live. Bali is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Millions of tourists take Bali holidays to relax and rejuvenate.

Bali is considered to be the ‘Island of Gods’, as it is like a world within itself. Sandy coasts, rugged beaches, lush hills, and rocky mountains, Bali has a variety of nature blessed terrain. Tourists love to explore all the regions, but still, the beaches remain the most popular. There are many world-class Bali beach resorts that ensure tourists have the time of their lives. So, if you want to want to have the best beach holiday in your life, get some sunscreen and pack your bag.  

Bali has many wonderful beaches for holidaying, each one better than the next. Here’s a look at the best ones to choose from to have the perfect vacation.


Sunsets on the beach in Bali are magic!


Nusa Dua

This one of the most preferred beaches in Bali. Why? ‘Cause the coastline is dotted with a dotted with palm trees, mangroves and orchids, making it one of the most diverse looking coastlines. The waters here are relatively low and clear, making it a safe place to swim and snorkel. However, what makes this beach special is its ‘all inclusive’ tag. The place is packed with world-class hotels, many of them developed by the tourism board. There’s also a shopping complex where guests can shop and have a great time. However, what takes the cake is an 18-hole Golf Course. This amazing course is where many of the beach guests play and relax. No wonder so many tourists prefer the Nusa Dua beach.  


Let the journey take you to  Bali - Ubud's Charm

Seminyak Beach

If you are looking for more than just relaxing on the beach, Seminyak Beach is the place for you. There’s so much happening here that you will not know where the time went. Through the day, you can eat at some of the finest restaurants in the country, run by world-class chefs. The Seminyak Beach is famous for these restaurants, and people from all over Indonesia come here to enjoy a meal. There are also many spas and boutiques where you can shop and indulge in self pampering. The atmosphere gets even better once the sun sets. The place becomes a hotspot for nightlife, as the clubs in the area sees packed crowds. Therefore, if you also want to enjoy a great nightlife along with the beach, please head to the Seminyak Beach.  


Colors pop up at Seminyak beach even on a cloudy day.


Kuta Beach

One of the best places to enjoy beach holidays in Bali is Kuta Beach. This is, without a doubt, the most popular beach in Bali. Once this place was a quaint little fishing village, but after surfers discovered the amazing waves, Kuta Beach was transformed. Its development was also fanned by the presence of an international beach nearby. Kuta Beach is packed during July to August and Christmas season. What’s great is that Kuta Beach is quite affordable, and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. There are many hotels, restaurants, clubs, and pubs. Indonesia’s Hard Rock Cafe is also located here. No wonder, this place is famous for its party scene. So, if you are a looking for the perfect Bali escape, pack your bags for Kuta Beach.   


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How can one not play with those waves at Kuta beach?


Jimbaran Beach

Tired of the party scene? Want to just relax on the beach amongst a luxurious setting? Then the Jimbaran Beach beckons. Here, you will find 5-star luxury hotels of some of the biggest international names. Located on the Southwestern coast, Jimbaran Beach offers the luxury of seclusion. No maddening crowds, no pollution, no loud music. Just the sound of peace and the feeling of tranquility. This beach is one of the main Bali attractions that has given Bali beaches such a great name in the international market.   


The romantic dinner setting on Jimbaran beach


Sanur Beach

Continuing our search for relaxing beach, we now come to Sanur Beach, one of the earliest beach resorts destinations in Bali. This place is a heady mix of classical and contemporary, with many relaxing features interspersed with lively avenues. However, most people come here to relax and enjoy the quiet waters. There is also a strong arts and culture scene ongoing near the coastline. Owing to this, many European tourists prefer this area, and come here every year.


Sanur beach and its temples of tranquility


Legian Beach

Now back to the party beaches. Legian Beach is similar tо Kuta Beach. But spend some time here, and you will know it is quite different. Firstly, you will find white sandy beaches lined with local and wannabe celebs from Bali. Next, the beaches are also quite different, though the party atmosphere remains the same. There are many cozy clubs for you to enjoy a drink and good company. So, put your party hat on, and come to Legian Beach.


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It’s very easy to make friends with locals on Legian beach.


Bias Tugal Beach

We’ve seen party beaches, and beaches for relaxing. Now, how about a secret beach? The Bia Tugal Beach is small and nearly deserted. To get to this beach, you actually have to trek 500 meters down a path that is rocky and treacherous. This is the reason why many people don’t come here, or even know about this beach. But one thing is for sure, the whole trek is worth the views, and the peace. You can explore the little beach, and relax in the water. This would be a Beach trip you would never forget.


If you are looking for beach holidays in Bali, the above mentioned are the best beaches for vacationing. However, Bali has many other offerings too that make for a great vacation. It is one of the most nature blessed places in the region. Also, there are many amazing resorts all over Bali, as the region’s economy is based on tourism. Therefore, they pull out all the stops to ensure you have a great time. 

* This is a guest post from Priya Ghatol from Raynatours. It came as a collaboration between Priya’s words and Nace’s photos from the beach paradise island of Bali. 🌊 🏝 🌅


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