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Green sugarcane fields fill your sight. Round or square old sugar factory chimneys and small dirt roads leading to them remind some people were here long time ago. We are not in the 14th century and this is not a virgin deserted island. This is the 21st century, the island is Mauritius and we are invading its beauty.

trip to the heavenly island of Mauritius

traveling to the heavenly island of Mauritius


The beach, oh the beach is like a piece of paradise itself. This volcanic island has its underwater terrace from volcanic stone.

So the water around the shore is crystal, shallow and very calm, no waves at all. If you miss the waves – no worries, you can hear and watch them a couple of hundreds of meters in the sea crushing at the end of the terrace. This sound is mixed with the sound of the wind touching palm trees. The aromatic white sand scent is mixed with sunblock and cocktail aromas. Our senses become slaves to that. Gentle lounge music from the beach bar creates the perfect background for total relax and laziness.

You should think we would never want to leave this paradise. And you wouldn’t be wrong and we couldn’t agree more with you. Nevertheless, this is only a small part from the magic of traveling and we want to feel it in its completeness. In order to achieve that we visited the northern and southern inner parts of the island as well as the near island L’Ile aux Cerfs. We met the locals and their culture, architecture, cuisine, habits and way of life. A bike trip to the nearest to the hotel village also helped us to feel the island better by sweating our way to the never stopping rural life. We passed the onion fields full of hardworking people, bargained at street markets and wandered around endless sugar cane fields.

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If you take a short look on the history, Mauritius survived many human attacks throughout the years.

First came the Arabs. The green and lush island chased them away quickly with its hungry mosquitoes and malaria. Then the Dutch came. Ate all of the unique Dodo birds and cut all the ebony trees and left. Then the French came. Stayed a while and started building. They were the first ones to appreciated the island natural resources for longer. Then the British came to appreciate as well. War.

After that – better times, the economy was growing. The island was getting more and more inhabited to reach 1.3 million today. Lots of people came and never left. People from different countries and cultures – the prerequisite for the unique atmosphere and outlook of the island. More than six religions manage to live together in piece. Tourism, agriculture and textile industries make the living of the population while hundreds of tourists come to admire world known beaches and spiritual inner-lands.

bike ride journey on the beautiful island of Mauritius

bike ride journey on the beautiful island of Mauritius

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