Mauritius – the water and coastal activities list

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Being on an island means a lot of interactions with water. Sometimes even with sand. Let your body get loaded with vitamin D and your inner camera (a.k.a. eyes and brain) take the moments. Our list of things to do in/near the Indian ocean of Mauritius follows.


Relax on the beach

Good news! All the beaches on Mauritius are public. Take advantage and explore as many beaches as you can.

One of our very first photos on Mauritius! Excited!
Not too bad for a public beach, right?

Sweat on the beach

Drinking cocktails is much less energy consuming but sports are so much more rewarding. Why not combine them?


Endless pools

Every self-respecting beach accommodation would have an endless pool to spoil with the cool perspective. Take the camera and spent some minutes away from the ocean for a change.

The very entrance of the resort introduces you to the endless pool and the endless ocean.

Blissful loneliness
It is not endless after all, watch out!


Stand-up pedaling and kayaking 

Activities like this could come for free if you’re staying at a hotel on the beach. The only advice is to go for pedaling and kayaking with calm waters. Low tide gives the amazing opportunity for first-timers and inexperienced kayakers and pedalers to gain experience while being amazed by the surroundings.

Glass-bottom kayak




Parasailing has pretty reasonable price in Mauritius, even better than Bulgaria. The views, as you can imagine, are spectacular. And don’t worry – “No landing in water”.

Who says you can’t see the reef without getting wet?



Snorkeling and diving

Swimming is more than pleasant when you can see everything underwater. Few steps from the beach or in hidden reefs, the vast flora and fauna wouldn’t disappoint. If you are patient enough, you can see vividly-colored fish hiding from you in the corals.

Let the journey take you to  Lake Como - the hidden treasure of Lombardy
Even cloudy days allow for a great visibility under water
Nace is racing with the fish

Nice outfit 🙂

Party mode
Blue camouflage
Ready for a kiss?

Yachting/Boating along the coastline 

You can spent days circling the island and it won’t be enough. While you can select the type of the vehicle and the extras along you cruise, you have no choice when it comes to what you’ll see.

It is just beautiful.

Wind = motion
It’s good we don’t have to focus on anything else

On-board BBQ lunch preparation
We have to leave our catamaran to board a smaller boat to explore…
…tinier spots like this one…


Exploring smaller islands

Boats will take you to smaller paradises like L’Ille aux Cerfs. Although there are no cerfs (deers) anymore, you won’t regret going there.

Slowly approaching the island

getting windy
In the middle of the strait
Doesn’t look so deep until you go there
Plenty of space for yoga
Looks like this whole beach is for ourselves


Dance on the beach

Put on the shoes of the locals (meaning be barefoot) and sway into the rhythm of sega music. Respect the history and feel like slaves did after a hard day – nothing would really matter, just let it go!

Learn how you can explore the history and local culture through dance!




Keep in mind that the island has even more to offer. There is certainly a lot you can go away from the shore and without a swimming suit. Enjoy the inner part of Mauritius!



6 Responses

  1. WhenTwoWander
    | Reply

    Ugh… could seriously use some of that sun right now. Paragliding over all that beauty must’ve been wonderful.

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      Sending you some sun! Paragliding is just amazing and a cool way to look from above!

  2. The Walking Map
    | Reply

    “Funland at the Beach” is a Dead Kennedys song!

  3. Kaila Yu
    | Reply

    The snorkeling looks so gorgeous, the water is so clear! Love that red dress for dancing on the beach!

    • Bistra Yakimova
      | Reply

      The dresses are usually playful and fairy to contribute to the atmosphere of wind, fire and freedom on the beach 🙂

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