Let’s travel to Japan: Sofia – Moscow – Matsumoto

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Let the journey begin!

Our flight: Sofia – Moscow – Tokyo. Sky may be the limit but it also can be a start for plenty of new endeavors.

Let’s load our stomachs with something delicious from Moscow airport on our way to Japan.

And here we go…


In less than 15 hours since our start in Sofia we reach Tokyo.

That long and tiring flight from Moscow left us sleepless. It feels like a dream – taking our backpacks from the luggage belt, unwrapping them and finding the place. The place where we will exchange our train ticket reservations for real train tickets. Ever since we set foot at the airport we can feel the good service and the good people. They help us out in everything we do and even the queue won’t disturb us. Every person we meet is ready to give us a hand, bows and smiles with no special reason – just because we pass by. 🙂

It is full of assistants making sure you can fill in your customs declaration, your embarkation card, or whatever needs to be filled in. Our goal for today is the town of Matsumoto a.k.a. the entrance to the Japanese Alps. It’s easy to reach your goals in no time with that perfect railway system. Trains are punctual, nice and clean. We receive some more help finding the right platform as we are hardened to read Japanese.


If we were just sleepy until now, now we are fully asleep in the land of dreams. Loudspeakers remind us the location, how to get off the train and etc. and we are happy there is no chance that we miss our station.

Let the journey take you to  Japan - Matsumoto and First Impressions
What makes you happy when you travel is those little gestures. Even if they are just transmissions in English in a country with few languages you can’t understand a word of.
How can you not fall asleep when it’s so quiet and calm inside the train? Phone talks are only allowed at specific sectors. Even big streets carry the distant noise of passing cars only. People over here don’t produce sounds so we can focus on the mountain views and little villages we pass by.

We are in Matsumoto, looking for our ryokan for the night. We are walking with 15 kg on our backs but it is a nice walk in  the town. English language or Latin letters don’t exist around here. Hieroglyphs slip by, accompanied by some Arabic numbers as we pass by signs and labels.


Our home in Matsumoto, ryokan Matsukaze


Aided by our map we eventually find our ryokan and are greeted by a smiling old man. He doesn’t speak English just like we don’t speak Japanese but we get along perfectly.
Fortunately baths can be enjoyed privately here. We are not ready for the common bathing ceremony in Japan yet. For the magic of taking a bath with your brothers/sisters wearing your birth kimono only. 👘


We are ready for the high tech toilets! Just tune in the water flow and put on some relaxing music…


We could use a beer instead of tea bags and tea set this time. Why is it so hard to fall asleep? Changing cultures and locations in a short period of time – is that it? Or your body and mind are too excited to explore, learn and get into adventure? The buzz of what’s coming should work as a sleeping pill and at the same time as a wake up pill for the next morning…

Let the journey take you to  Bali – the Road to Changu
For the sake of an authentic photo we ‘drink tea’.


Good night, sleep well!  😴 😴 😴

Read more about our next day in Matsumoto!

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