Japan – the rainy lakes around mount Fuji

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After the light drizzle and the refreshing spa yesterday we were hoping the weather will get better and we will finally see the mountain of our dreams – Fuji. Moreover we headed to the five volcanic lakes around the mountain that offered the most spectacular views towards Fuji, touching every person’s soul. Well, nope, that was not the case. Our hopes vanished under the grey skies and every drop of rain helped them disappear. We dropped our backpacks in the ryokan and decided to take control and not sleep in despair the whole day. We explored the area instead.


All the paths around Kawaguchiko lake were covered in cherry blossom petals. Cherry trees were still blossoming – one could say the climate was colder here. The lake coast was covered with flowers and if it wasn’t for the sh*tty weather we would have made the perfect early spring photo. Sadly only few boats and fewer stubborn fishermen were residing in the lake. Hiding under umbrellas from the rain – where are you, sun? The fish was making fun of the crazy fishermen and probably the whole situation. We were struggling to see anything in the distance where mount Fuji was supposed stand and shine. We will hope that next morning will bring us more luck (while we are writing this under the warm blankets).


What else can you do when it’s raining? Retrobus, you can enjoy two lines around two of the lakes. You pass camping sites, caves, springs, that kind of natural wonders. Not many people, not a popular destination. Finding a place to have dinner was a challenge itself…
All the buses here has this cool feature of having space for one more person every time. Of course they were well-organized and punctual, like everything in Japan.

 View from the window of Retrobus
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A sunny memory from this rainy day was the Musical Forest. A garden, a museum of automatic musical instruments. Few cheeky houses surrounded by rose garden, a pond with a singing and dancing fountain. The director was a beautiful doll. Then there is a big hall of different instruments and a huge concert hall with enormous organ. In the garden one can play some оf the percussion instruments and in the store you can become an owner of a music box costing from 1000 to few million YEN. French, floral, food – they considered every detail. Japanese people have it all…


We are happy on the photos but something was making us anxious. The main thing we came here to see was hiding from us. Hiding in fog and clouds. Although the area was quite picturesque we were worried we will never see Fuji or imagine how big and mighty it was…

Good night! Check out what happened on the other day and if we succeeded to catch of glimpse of Fuji! 🗻🗻🗻


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