Japan – Kyoto photo diary

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Kyoto – a city we knew so little of, but it managed to win our hearts in so many ways. A huge city but also quiet, modern and full of history, amiable but egotistic as it wants to keep you to itself.

We tried to share our experience in Kyoto with many photos and some comments on them. Enjoy!


Let’s start in chronological order – the first morning, the bright sun, a few minutes from the house we stayed in we meet Nanzenji, one of the most important Zen Buddhism temples in Japan.


We were not the only curious people over there, it was full of curious Japanese students and pupils. Every 5 or 6 kids were accompanied by a teacher explaining some stuff to them. We couldn’t get a single word. 🙂


Picturesque paths and stairways lead to different smaller temples and shrines.


We passed few more temples in the forests of Higashiyama mountain but our goal was to walk the Philosopher’s Walk. This is a paved walking alley along a canal studded with cherry trees. During blossom it gets really beautiful. The name of the walk comes from the famous Japanese philosopher Nishida Kitaro who meditated while walking to the university. The walk is about 2-kilometers long and starts from Ginkakuji temple or the Silver Pavilion and ends at the Nanzenji temple. We walked it the other way around – from Nanzenji to Ginkakuji.



For the temple- and shrine-lovers – this is the right place for you!


The tranquility was over as soon as we reached the entrance of the Silver Pavilion
the tickets


Let the journey take you to  Japan - the Spirituality of Koyasan

The complex gardens were so amazing, with plenty of different trees, little ponds, bridges and viewing towers.


It is time for us to walk our way through the market part of the complex and continue exploring other parts of Kyoto.


To complete the circle we returned to our neighborhood ready for more experiences.




The cutest encounter on the zebra. It shows us that real friendship knows no age or space.
To be continued…


You might already know that, but don’t leave Kyoto our of any two- or three-week itinerary in Japan!


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