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Bengaluru – a.k.a The Silicon Valley of India – is the main city in the Karnataka state

Recently it is getting overpopulated due to the many software companies that are opening offices there. This way it has gotten more modern, with more buildings and way more shiny. Apart from that some unpaved sidewalks can still be found. One of the deep holes towards the canals was a part of an unforgettable experience for Marti. One of her legs fell into it during a very rainy night and after that nor the hairdryer, nor the showers could help her sneakers. The saddest part was that a dead rat was found in the same hole on the next day. The details around its death are still unknown. Was it trying to follow her? Or was it just going for a swim?

However, this is the worst that can be said about the city. It was full of all kinds of restaurants, huge buildings and places build in different styles. Even if you come from Texas and you have to stay in Bengaluru for a while you won’t have the chance to miss the Texas cuisine and atmosphere. We ate at a typical Rajasthan (another Indian state) restaurant and at a Japanese restaurant.

Bengaluru-India-Indian restaurant-food




Sightseeing and how to get there


However, our adventures in Bengaluru were not limited to eating and drinking Kingfisher. Far from it. We were very active and for just a day managed to see all the main sightseeing places. For the longer distances we used auto rickshaws. But in Delhi we really understood what a long distance is, especially when you are unable to get any kind of transportation and your feet start to hurt.


Rickshaws were our new best friends. (The scarf helps with the unpleasant smells that can hit your nose from time to time.)

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Interesting accents in the city

Bengaluru-India-police motorcycle-leopard print

A motorcycle parked in the park.
A police motorcycle parked in the park.
A police motorcycle with a leopard print.
A police motorcycle with a leopard print parked right next to a no-parking-sign.
An idiot pretending to be a cat next to a police motorcycle with a leopard print.


Bengaluru has a lively commercial street, or otherwise said “main street”


I visited it two times – once just for sightseeing and the second time, on our last night in India, to buy some souvenirs and a sari (or saree). I cannot lie – I liked it despite the crowd and the noise.


Bengaluru-India-night-commercial street


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