Japan – the sun of Fuji and the temples of Nikko

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You are so lucky! Those words were resonating in our heads since Kenya when our safari guide was so excited we managed to see the Big Five in just one day. This morning just outside our window we saw Mount Fuji! It was just like a postcard. Nace went around the lake for hours in order to take more good shots. It is hard to miss such a thing, especially after the rainy desperate day yesterday.


It was a sunny day and we were shining just like Fuji was shining under the sun. We got the time we deserved with this astonishing mountain.

Now we could leave without regrets. After 200 photos with the cool background (not like yesterday – grey clouds), we could freely and happily leave the area of the five lakes and head to Nikko.



The journey to Nikko turned out to be long and complicated with a bad series of waiting at stations. Nikko itself gave us hard times as well. We took a bus, got off at a temple which was supposed to be near our ryokan. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has 103  holy places. Nearby one of them – the Tōshō-gū temple, was supposed to be located our accommodation. We got lost, passed same places 3 times going uphill and downhill all the time. Where are those topographic maps when you need them the most? We asked everyone we met – from shop assistants to old ladies in their gardens. Eventually, we realized we won’t find a sign with Latin letters so we started comparing hieroglyphs (again!). We wished we had learned a bit of the Japanese alphabet to help us overcome the language barrier!

Let the journey take you to  Planning a journey to the opposite side of the globe



The many temples of Nikko can wait. We definitely needed a break. And again the dinner was such a burden to carry… 🙂

Dinner in Nikko
Nace hasn’t cooked his dinner yet


Breakfast in Nikko
Breakfast prepared us for new achievements of the next day 🙂



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