Japan – Kyoto photo diary part 2

Let’s continue with part two of our Kyoto photo diary. Time flies and it’s already late afternoon.


We arrived few days before they open the restaurant terraces, overlooking the river. The alleys from both sides of it are full of enthusiastic bikers and walkers who are not afraid of the heat.

We are wandering around the mecca of maiko and geiko – Gion Corner – hoping we can buy a ticket to some of their performances. What does maiko mean? It is a junior geiko (or geisha), maiko is a future geiko still practicing and being educated. It takes years for these young women to master different arts and languages. Their job is to entertain people with singing, dancing, playing instruments, enthralling conversations.



It is getting dark and all the restaurants and bars on the streets are fighting to win their customers. More and more people flow along the riverside. Streets are crowded – it is rush hour after work.


It was hard for us to rise and shine on the next day after so many emotions. After all we had the Nijo castle rising and shining for us.


Together with all the students we posed for pictures in front of the massive gates.

The heat was catching up so we rushed to walk around the gardens of the castle. The inner part of it was painted by famous artists and showed reconstructions of Shogun tribal councils. And what an alarm system they invented hundreds of years ago! The wooden floor would creak even with the smallest foot set on it. So even if the intruder would tiptoe at night, everyone would hear them. Nowadays those floors help for a symphony of sounds that can drive you crazy!


Hi class!


We headed to a big park in the center of Kyoto. Somewhere here we struck by the idea of “hold the doll” photos. A lot of people were photographing plush toys in front of some POIs but we didn’t have toys. So we used ourselves as toys…

Should we mention the big park was pretty empty…


We choose midday for the maiko performance. Saved from the sun! Before the show we participated in a tea ceremony. We were more experienced this time, unlike in Matsumoto.


The show was about the four seasons. There were solo and group performances. Everything was played live. Beauty in sync. Below you can see a video of a performance similar to what we saw (photo and video forbidden for us). Still so magically beautiful, isn’t it?


In front of an elite geiko-maiko club. Photo from the outside only:-)


We went up to the Kyoto Tower. The place where in clear days you may see up to Osaka and at the same time observe the shinkansens and their run across the city.

no collisions, don’t worry 🙂
We found a very hospitable bar where they taught us what a good sake is and did some bar-tending magic!
And now same party and music on Friday night…

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