Our amazing wine experiences from 18 countries

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As we welcomed 2018 and we welcome any wine experience, we decided to put together an article with some of our amazing wine experiences from 18 different countries. Remembering all those magical stuff was a delightful task… Searching for the … Read More

Practical tips and tricks for your journey in South America

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Brazil The public transport buses have two ropes along both sides, all the way to the back. They are used to signal for the bus to stop. They are convenient because no matter where you are they are always within … Read More

Argentina – Mendoza – the wineries speak

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Some feelings, like the love of wine, are experienced unconditionally. For this feeling you are ready to do anything – to fan its fire in difficult times, to resist it when you have no other choice, but most of all, … Read More

Argentinean Patagonia – Perito Moreno Glacier

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“It isn’t the biggest but it’s the most beautiful!” would say anyone who you ask about Perito Moreno. It is situated in the South part of Los Glaciares National Park, about 80 km from El Calafate, in Lago Argentino. It … Read More

Argentinean Patagonia – Viedma Glacier

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The glaciers are a big deal. Figuratively and literally. The word itself sounds intriguing and scary. And while everybody has studied about them, we never would have thought that we’d have the opportunity to experience one first hand and first … Read More

Argentinean Patagonia – El Chaltén

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Three hours by bus from El Calafate and two and a half on foot through the mountain and you reach the view below!   This is Torre Lagoon, one of the many that can be seen from the North side … Read More

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