The best places to visit according to your travel type

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This post is being put together for quite some time. We wanted to present the best holiday destinations for each travel type we may fall into according to our current state of mind, experiences so far and positions of stars … Read More

How to enjoy China

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China will remain to me a place shrouded in illusions, stereotypes and smog. The stereotypes about a country of such size and great population must contain a grain of truth, even if it’s true only about a small sample of … Read More

China – Longji Terraced Fields

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The terrace fields called Longsheng Rice Terraces are at a two-hour picturesque drive through the mountains from Guilin. They cover an area of about 66 square kilometers, so unfortunately we cannot really say which terraces we visited. Still, despite the … Read More

Journey to the other side of the globe – road bumps

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How can you turn a big obstacle into a small bump on the road? I have always spoken highly of Istanbul Ataturk Airport. It is really big, has lots of shops, many restaurants, Turkish delight everywhere. There is no way … Read More

China – Li River cruise

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Here we are in the area of karst topography. The province is Guangxi, we start from the city of Guilin and we were taken by bus to Zhujiang Wharf. This port was our starting  point for the Lijiang river cruise to Yangshuo. … Read More

China,Yunnan – Stone Forest – photo diary

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Stone Forest in Yunnan province of China is one of the architectural miracles of nature. Whether you go to admire their shapes or to learn a new legend of luck and prosperity, the Stone Forest won’t disappoint you!   The … Read More

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