The best Seychelles beaches: Beach hopping in paradise

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Seychelles beaches were a long-time dream for us, well, who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in this tropical island paradise? Without even realizing it, we came to do the ultimate beach hopping in Seychelles. And now it’s time we share our favorite encounters, with all the tips we’ve gathered. We found most of the beaches on Seychelles to be secluded, with just a handful of people at most, so let’s find out our favorites on the islands of Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe.

Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Baie Lazare beach                    Best Seychelles beaches: La Digue, Anse Reunion beach


Praslin beaches

We started our journey and beach hopping on Praslin island by bus. So part of the fun was getting to somewhere by bus, then walking to find the beach. The curvy roads added some adrenaline right before we relaxed on some of the best beaches we’ve been to.


Anse Lazio

Often titled as the “best beach on Praslin”, Anse Lazio attracts plenty of visitors. The best thing about it is you have to go up and down a hill to get to it from the bus station. This might be tiring, but also gives you rewarding views. We wish we had brought some snacks and beer with us, as one of the few restaurants on the beach was our first encounters with the high prices in Seychelles.

Best Seychelles beaches: Praslin, Anse Lazio beach


Cote d’Or

We call this beach home as we stayed in a local house just a short walk inland from it. The first beach on Seychelles we set foot on. We enjoyed the pristine colors, the handful of local people on it, as well as the paragliders that tried so hard to take off!

Best Seychelles beaches: Praslin, Cot d'Or beach


Grand Anse

The bus took us to the Grand Anse beach, and it was huge indeed. We bought a beer from the store in the nearby village and walked through the backyard of a stadium to get the more peaceful part of the beach. We said goodbye to the sun and chatted with other wanderers on the beach.

Best Seychelles beaches: Praslin, Grand Anse beach


Curieuse Island

We sailed away on a day trip from Praslin to Curieuse island. We met so many giant tortoises, we fed them and took tons of photos. Then we hiked the island – stone paths, woods, and swamps, to get to the other side where a nice little beach awaited.
The water was amazingly clear!

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Best Seychelles beaches: Praslin, Curieuse island beach


La Digue beaches

The thing we love the most about La Digue is that it’s absolutely navigable by bike. You can easily do beach hopping and go around the whole island for a day.


Anse Banane

We met our buddy – a huge tortoise on the road and we stopped to have a chat. It wasn’t hungry, unlike all the other tortoise fellows we’ve met, but it loved being caressed. The beach was not big but we enjoyed the fact we could drop the bikes and dance by ourselves a bit.

Best Seychelles beaches: La Digue, giant tortoise Anse Banane beach


Anse Reunion

We stumbled upon this beach while observing a helicopter taking off. We could use the shade of mangroves and didn’t want to leave until the sunset passed. Then we had to navigate quickly as it’s not easy to ride in the dark.

Best Seychelles beaches: La Digue, Anse Reunion beach


Anse Severe

We were biking and after an uphill, behind the corner, this little beach smiled at us. It had many people from the nearby hotels, but also granite rocks, palms, and blue seas. We call it the little picturesque gem of La Digue.

Best Seychelles beaches: La Digue, Anse Severe beach


Anse Source d’Argent

The grand finale, the mesmerizing beach of Anse Source d’Argent. It’s located inside a natural park and you usually have to pay a fee to enter. The park has a turtle refugee. If you arrive late enough, you might be able to enter for free just in time to get to the beach for sunset, as we did. We climbed the huge rocks inside the water and let the drone fly to capture the granite rocks fields and the forest at sunset.

Best Seychelles beaches: La Digue, Anse Source d'Argent beach


Grand Anse

To get to Grand Anse, you’ll have to bike a decent amount of time, including some decent uphill. But the result is quite worth it – the beach is huge and the water is so blue that it’s hard to believe it. We cut the pineapple we brought for breakfast and that was the best breakfast view!

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Best Seychelles beaches: La Digue, Grand Anse beach


Mahe beaches

Mahe is the biggest island on Seychelles and beach hopping can be done by bus, but it’s best done by car. Some beaches can be a bit crowded but there are so many where you won’t meat a single soul.


Anse Royale

We stopped at a supermarket to get some typical pastry breakfast. Then we settled under the mangroves and made our picnic breakfast. There was seaweed in the water and also a mini-river with brown waters, but locals also visited the beach mainly to grab a bite under the shadow.

Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Anse Royale beach


Baie Lazare

That was our best encounter and probably our favorite Seychelles beach. It was long and secluded enough so you literally could have it to yourself. The waters were azure and so many fish were playing around. There was also a leaning palm we could use for having our clothes, climbing, and photos, and to feel a part of nature.

Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Baie Lazare beach


Baie Ternay

This is a nature reserve and the beach is a great place to snorkel or enjoy nature, as wild as it gets. You have to walk through the forest, following an abandoned road and abandoned school. The view towards the hilly surroundings is just magical!

Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Baie Ternay reserve and beach


Beau Vallon

Everyone has been raving about this huge beach but we found it crowded. On Wednesdays, they organize a local market plus mini-fiesta which is cool to do some shopping or experience the island vibes. The beach is best at sunset, when you will see colors that are unbelievable – from orange to melange, from yellow to pink!

Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Beau Vallon beach


Grand Anse

Mahe also has its Grand Anse. It follows the name and it’s huge and wide. As we got there, it was drizzling so the beach was empty. We had lunch from the supermarket in the car and the walked the beach and let the drone shoot the rainy colors. A policeman advised us to keep an eye on our belongings, but we think we were the only people in the area anyway…

Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Grand Anse beach


Petite Police Beach

We drove on a dirt road but the high adrenaline was worth it. The landscape was amazing with granite rocks here and there, pine trees and literally nobody around. What a better place to dance some typical local dance? Well, a wave tried to mess with me and I turned out wet, but who minds getting wet on the beach?

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Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Petite Police beach


About all Seychelles beaches

Snacks and drinks

There are some general recommendations to follow if you want to have a great time. First, make sure to bring some snacks and drinks, as some of the beaches don’t have bars or restaurants or if they have, they are crazy expensive! If you want to travel on a budget, that’s a rule number one!


Sun protection

Some of the beaches offer natural shade as mangrove trees, pine trees, and palms. However, make sure you go prepared with a beach umbrella and lots of sunscreen – the sun can be so harsh!


Best time of the day to visit

For those Seychelles beaches who seem a bit crowded, go at sunset so you can enjoy the view. All the beaches mentioned above are free for access except for Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, where you have to pay an entrance fee for the park. If you go before their closing time (5 p.m.), there is a high chance that you can enter for free as there’s nobody to charge you.


Transport on the islands

On Praslin, we used public transport – the circulating on the island buses. We recommend that you try them or rent a car if you do not want to waste your time. La Digue is perfect for cycling, and if you do not want to bike – you can rent a golf cart. Mahe is a big island and the best way to go beach hopping is by car, although there are a lot of buses (if you are more flexible in terms of time).

Best Seychelles beaches: La Digue, Grand Anse beach

The best Seychelles beaches: Beach Hopping In Seychelles
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Have you ever been to a beach that felt like paradise to you? Where was it? Are there other beaches in Seychelles we should put on our bucket list for our next visit?

Best Seychelles beaches: Mahe, Baie Lazare beach


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